Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Internship Opportunities - Kohl's Loss Prevention

Position Description
The Store Loss Prevention Internship Program is designed to give you the knowledge and experience needed to explore what an exciting career in retail Loss Prevention management is all about. The training program is designed to give you the experience you need in Loss Prevention to prepare you for running a successful retail business with a focus on the protection of company assets. Primary responsibilities include:

·         10 Week Structured training program
·         Competitive salary and Benefits
·         Mentorship program with former interns
·         Hands-on experience with theft apprehensions, theft prevention/strategy building, inventory shortage reduction/awareness, in-store merchandising, management development, sales, store operations, scheduling, payroll and human resources
·         Exposure to Senior Level Management; including District and Regional Managers
·         Potential full-time career opportunities upon successful completion of the Internship Program
·         Opportunity to visit and analyze the competition
·         Continuous performance feedback
·         Impact Analysis Project to demonstrate skills gained throughout the internship

Preferred Qualifications

·         Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Business, Finance, or related field
·         Strong analytical skills along with superior critical thinking skills
·         Strong interpeonal and leadership skills
·         Strong verbal and written communication skills
·         Ability to driveo develop retail business knowledge
·         Ability to work as part of a team and interact effectively with others.

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