Monday, July 31, 2017

Volunteer Opportunity - MPD Domestic Violence Liaison

Image result for mpd policeThe Metropolitan Police Department is currently seeking volunteers to serve as Domestic Violence Liaisons this fall.  This opportunity will allow MPD citizen volunteers to ride along with patrol officers and provide victims of domestic violence with resources and information provided by DC SAFE. Volunteers will receive at least 20 hours of specialized training provided by DC SAFE, as well as MPD volunteer training, and will sign up for shifts to ride along with officers. Volunteers will not act as law enforcement personnel or advocates, but rather to be a liaison between DC SAFE, MPD, and domestic violence victims in need of information about services. These volunteers will join the ranks of the MPD Citizen Volunteers and will provide critical information and resources to a vulnerable population, thus helping furthering DC SAFE and MPD's missions of serving and helping the public.

This is a great opportunity for anyone interest in law enforcement, counseling, or any helping profession to gain hands-on experience working with police officers and assisting victim. The position has a low time commitment and hours are very flexible.  For more information please visit:

Paid Fall 2017 & Spring 2018 Tutoring Positions

Monday, July 10, 2017

The Joseph M. Mitchell Memorial Scholarship - Accepting Applications

The Joseph M. Mitchell Memorial Scholarship
Academic Year Application & Nomination Forms
Deadline:  11:59 PM Sunday, July 16, 2017
Website to Apply:

Eligibility for Award
The Joseph M. Mitchell Memorial Scholarship is one-time award of up to $2,000, dispersed evenly over the fall and spring semesters.  The scholarship may be awarded to one or more deserving students.  All awards will be directly applied to student accounts.  Students may apply and/or be nominated by other individuals. To be eligible for the Scholarship Award, a student must meet the following established criteria:
  1. Be a registered degree-seeking student at the University of Maryland, College Park during the semester for which the award is made
  2. Have completed at least one full semester of enrollment at a college or university and/or be enrolled at the time of application
  3. Have personal or family circumstances that have affected the applicant’s experience at the University of Maryland and that have caused or contributed to a burden that may be remedied in whole or in part by the scholarship award
  4. Have at least one semester of study left at UMCP before receiving a degree
  5. Be able to apply the full amount of the award to tuition, living expenses or schooling expenses, such as textbooks or equipment, in the semester for which the scholarship is awarded and as can be disbursed by the Office of Student Financial Aid.