Friday, November 4, 2011

Internships - Chesterfield County Police Department

Chesterfield County Police Department is recruiting summer interns for the Summer of 2012. Chesterfield County is a FIRST CHOICE suburban community located outside of the capital city of Richmond Virginia. This community of over 300,000 is one of the fastest growing counties in Virginia. Because of its excellent schools and its eye toward the future, it is an employer of choice.

Four Types of Internships 
1. Police Intern-These interns work alongside our officers and detectives on the road and in special assignments, gaining real-world police experience.

*Police interns are unpaid but have an unparalleled experience with unique opportunities to work in most areas of the department and learn every aspect of law enforcement. Qualified police interns are considered for future job opportunities as police officers.

2. Crime Analyst Intern-This internship offers the opportunity to work in our civilian crime analysis division primarily in a research role. GIS mapping experience is preferred.

3. Forensics Intern-This internship offers the opportunity to shadow our forensics technicians and candidates must be experienced. These opportunities are very limited.

4. Human Resources Intern-This unique internship offers the opportunity to work in a busy HR office and is ideal for those interested in public administration or government human resources careers.

Interns are required to serve a minimum of 160 hours to gain a valuable educational experience.

  • The candidate must be enrolled full-time in an accredited college or university (Full time is a minimum of 12 semester hours, per semester for the school calendar year) and require the internship for college credit.
  • The candidate must be at least a second semester sophomore to apply for the program. Juniors and seniors are preferred.
  • The candidate must possess an overall G.P.A. of 2.5 or better.

Selection Process
Internships within their department are highly competitive. They prefer candidates who are interested in making Chesterfield their employer of choice after graduation. The selection process takes 3-4 months so applicants should plan on applying early. Summer applications are due by March 15th. Fall Applications are due by June 15th and Spring applications are due by October 15th. Applications must include the completed background package. These packages can take 2-3 weeks to complete so candidates should plan on contacting the Internship Coordinator well in advance of the due dates.

How Do I Apply?
1. Call or email the internship coordinator for an interview four to five months prior to internship time.
2. After interviewing, submit an application, a letter of interest, a copy of your college’s internship requirements, an official copy of your college transcript and a completed background packet by the due dates listed above.
3. Submit to a thorough background investigation and polygraph.

If interested, please contact:
Jeanne Billings
Internship Coordinator
Chesterfield County Police Department
(804) 318-8485