Monday, March 26, 2012

Minor in JSPM

The Joint Program in Survey Methodology is happy to announce that undergraduates can now obtain a minor in Survey Methodology.  Knowledge of survey methods is useful in many fields and will provide students with some additional skills when they enter the job market.  A brochure describing the program is attached.

The minor requires 16-18 credits:
- 2 statistics and research methods courses ( 6 to 8 credits)
- 1 core course in survey methodology (3 credits)
- 2 additional courses in survey methodology (6 credits)
- Introduction to the Federal Statistical System and to the Survey Research Profession (1 credit seminar)

The minor is designed to be completed during the junior and senior years, but students could apply for admission to the minor as early as the fall of their sophomore year.  An application for the minor is at

If you have any questions, please contact me. One of our faculty members would be happy to make a presentation to your department about JPSM and survey methodology, in general.