Thursday, June 27, 2013

Paid Auditory Training Study

Who is conducting the study?  This research is being conducted by researchers at the University of Maryland Center for Advanced Study of Language (CASL). 
What would I have to do?  Participate in 12 sessions of approximately 1.5-2 hours each at the University of Maryland and/or CASL (Center for Advanced Study of Language, near the College Park Metro). The sessions involve completing questionnaires and computerized tasks. All sessions must be completed within approximately 5 weeks. 

How would I be compensated? Participants receive a total of $165 for completing the entire study. Payments will be made at a rate of $5 per session with a $105 bonus provided at the end of the last session to bring the total to $165. In addition, upon completion of the study, participants will be entered into a raffle for one of three $150 gift cards.
How do I sign up? Sign up for the Auditory Training Study on the Paid SONA System ( or by emailing us at You will have to complete a pre-screen to check your eligibility before signing up.

Questions or concerns? Email us at
We are looking for individuals who fit the following criteria:
  1. 18-30 years of age
  2. Native speaker of American English
  3. Normal hearing
  4. Normal or corrected-to-normal vision
  5. No speech/language disorders or learning disabilities
  6. Unimpaired use of both hands
  7. US Citizen