Thursday, November 12, 2015

Professional Writing Minor

Free Stock Photo: Illustration of a pencilThe Minor in Professional Writing offers students opportunities to engage deeply with the theory and practice of writing, editing, and designing print and digital documents for professional workplaces, civic organizations, and community deliberations.

This minor provides undergraduates who have an interest in pursuing a career in writing with a clear path for their coursework. This minor will also benefit students from within the College of Arts and Humanities and across the entire campus who wish to enhance their marketable skills and broaden their post-graduate employment opportunities. In particular, Students in STEM disciplines and public health in particular will find that the Professional Writing Minor complements their major course of study with theoretically grounded, project-based coursework that helps them learn how to communicate their disciplines through writing.
The state of Maryland and the greater Washington, DC metro region are particularly fertile ground for professional writing-related internships and careers. The Professional Writing Minor exposes students to a wide variety of these opportunities through:
  • An introductory course that surveys the field in terms of its international, national, regional, and local scope
  • Networking opportunities with alumni
  • Cultivating and facilitating students’ placement in professional writing internships in Washington, D.C. and throughout Maryland
  • Support in developing professional writing portfolios that showcase students’ writing, research, design, and technological skills
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