Monday, November 7, 2016

Last Day to Withdraw from A Course - TODAY Nov 7

Today, November 7, 2016 is the last day for undergraduate students to withdraw from one course (up to 4 credits) for the current Fall 2016 semester. If you have questions about dropping a course, please contact the either CCJS Advising or BSOS Advising Center.

Please Note, you will need to schedule an appointment with a BSOS Advisor if:

  • You need to drop a course and you have already dropped a course this semester
  • You are on academic probation or dismissal and would like to drop a course
  • You need to drop a single course that is more than 4 credits (e.g. certain language courses or research/internship that is more than 4 credits)

Additional information can be found in the online Registration Guide.

“An additional drop period for undergraduate students begins at the close of the schedule adjustment period and ends at the end of the tenth week of classes. During the drop period a student may drop a maximum of four credits or one course. Courses dropped during this time (after the schedule adjustment period) will be recorded on the student’s transcript with a “W” notation for undergraduate students only. (This mark is not used in computing the semester or cumulative GPA.) No notation will appear on the graduate record for courses dropped during the drop period.”