Monday, November 7, 2016

Looking for a CCJS Research Opportunity? Consider Registering for CCJS 418O

Image result for ccjs umdLooking to get research experience in the Criminology and Criminal Justice field? CCJS is offering a unique research opportunity for undergraduates this Spring 2017.  CCJS is offering a special topics course CCJS 418O that gives students a great research opportunity.  Here is a description of the course:

This course will produce an original quantitative research report on Bring Them Back Alive that will document cases of police arresting dangerous suspects without killing them, based on reports in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK. Students will be asked to read the research and theory related to killings by and of police officers. The instructor has worked with over 50 police agencies and will assist in obtaining case-specific data from agencies with cases included in the project.

To register for CCJS 418O please submit a permission request on