Friday, March 3, 2017

May Commencement Regalia

Graduates may purchase regalia packages at the University Book Center’s Grad Fair March 7th -9th from 10 AM – 6:00 PM.  We want to encourage all graduates to make their way to the University Book Center by March 9th, so that they are guaranteed to obtain the correct size/style for graduation.  April 7th is the last day that the University Book Center is able to guarantee correct style/size for anyone attending commencement.  Please remember *CCJS is a Bachelors of Arts.*

The undergraduate package will cost $138.98 and the master's degree package will cost $148.98. Regalia cannot be purchased online. If you live out of state and need regalia shipped to you, please use the form below.  Items may be shipped for an additional $18.95. This form must be faxed and will not be accepted via email. Any student using the form must have the items shipped, we are unable to store regalia for pick up at the store.

If you have questions, contact Michelle Foster, Operations Manager, at