Friday, June 23, 2017

HCPD Entry Level Position - Administrative Analyst I

Job Title:  Administrative Analyst I
                      Police Department, Vice & Narcotics Division
Closing:    Friday, 06/30/2017 11:59 PM EST
Salary:      $23.10 - $39.57 Hourly / $48,048 - $82,305 Annually
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Northern District Headquarters, 3410 Courthouse Dr, Ellicott City, MD
Position Summary:
This position will be responsible for tracking and maintaining intelligence and Drug Tip Line information in support of the Vice & Narcotics Division. Conduct preliminary background investigation on information received. Analyze phone, financial, and electronic records in order to determine a nexus with drug organizations. Responsible for locating and handling court order expungments and fostering and maintaining a working relationship with Heroin Coordinator and local, state, and federal law enforcement partners.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Tracking and maintaining intelligence and Drug Tip Line information.
  • Assisting case investigators in obtaining Court Orders and Subpoenas.
  • Analyzing records; Phone, GPS, Criminal Records, Social Media, Personal History, Airline and Financial to include; bank, tax, credit and credit card.
  • Deconfliction of criminal cases and information overlapping with local, state and federal law enforcement to ensure that there is no conflict between agencies possibly investigating the same case/suspect.
  • Financial investigative duties: research and locate bank, tax, credit, credit card, personal property and potential illegal assets.
  • Scribe duties during Title III investigations.
  • Assist the Heroin Coordinator:  obtain subpoenas, assist with creating & developing charts on heroin trends and analyze records. Identifying relationships between heroin overdose victims and current narcotic investigations.
  • Liaison with other law enforcement agencies, financial institutions and public service providers (BGE, Cellphone companies, Social Media etc...).
  • Prepare databases and summary reports of findings to investigators and supervisors.