Wednesday, April 10, 2013

BSOS Global Scholars Program Has Extended Their Application Deadline!!! 
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WHAT is BSOS Global Scholars?

The BSOS Global Scholars program is an academic honor for 12 students who serve as role models for the College. Candidates enjoy collaborating with others from diverse backgrounds and are passionate about resolving global problems. The incoming class will decide on a theme for their seminar.

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WHY should students be BSOS Global Scholars?

Twenty-first century graduates should be able to connect with people in Beijing or Istanbul as well as those in Annapolis or Washington. They need to be able to relate to, and learn from, people of various ethnicities here or abroad who may understand little English. BSOS Global Scholars candidates have face-to-face interaction with those of diverse backgrounds. Scholars will improve their public speaking, leadership and cross-cultural communication skills. Living, working and studying in different cultures helps students increase understanding of the human condition and generate new ideas to solve global and domestic issues.

WHO may apply?

BSOS majors who will have completed 60 credits by the end of summer 2013.

Students with experience in three of the following areas before Fall Semester 2013:
Lived or studied abroad or in a minority community for a semester or the equivalent
World language (spoken at home, or completed intermediate level)
Global or ethnic studies curriculum (12 credits)
Service learning (240 hours, cross-cultural in nature)

International and transfer students and are encouraged to apply.

WHEN may students apply?

Applications are open now and close April 19, 2013 at 5 p.m. Click here to begin your online application!

Fall 2013 Seminar  (2 credits) – students select guest speakers/films and lead classroom discussions.
Spring 2014 Capstone (1 credit) (e.g. short film, live video discussion with a foreign university group).

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