Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Internship with the National Park Service

National Park Service Office of Partnerships and Philanthropic Stewardship
Paid Internship Position | Visual Media and Communications Intern 

Position Description:
The National Park Service (NPS) Office of Partnerships and Philanthropic Stewardship (Partnership Office) is searching for an undergraduate or graduate student who is interested in an exciting opportunity to share their creative talents and communication and visual media skills while gaining hands on learning and leadership experience.        

National Park Service Mission

The mission of the National Park Service is "… to conserve the scenery and the natural and historic objects and the wild life therein and to provide for the enjoyment of the same in such manner and by such means as will leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations" (National Park Service Organic Act, 1916).

Partnership Office Program Background

The NPS strives to fulfill its mission and encourage greater citizen engagement in national park programs and activities by collaborating with educational institutions, organizations, businesses, and federal, state, tribal and local agencies. 

The Partnership Office helps the NPS and its partners create, enhance, and recognize their collaborative work through training, communication, and policy leadership.  Sharing partnership accomplishments, activities, and projects to a broad audience of NPS employees, partners, and the general public through a variety of communication techniques is an important part of this effort.  

Responsibilities Include,   

·         Researching, developing, shooting, and editing video programming in support of Partnership Office initiatives and projects and operating technical equipment and computer hardware/software needed to complete such tasks.
·         Design of complex graphics and flash animation for multimedia presentations, web pages, social media, slideshows, etc.  Responsibilities include the selection and arrangement of raw footage including photographs, dialogue and sound effects to create computerized graphic effects and storylines for presentations, videos and the web.
·         Collaborate in the development and writing of themes and narrative content for videos, websites, and social media sites.        
  • Create visual products including PowerPoint presentations, posters, and flowcharts and assist in the development of a partnership newsletter.


This internship is designed for current undergraduate or graduate students who have a strong interest in, or are seeking a degree in, Marketing or Communications or related areas and/or have completed coursework, or have experience in, Graphic Design or Website Design. [KH1] 

This position requires
·         Knowledge of media production, communication, and techniques to inform and entertain via visual media.
·         Knowledge of photographic, videographic, audio, and editing techniques.
·         Ability to use Adobe Premiere Pro editing software to digitize, assemble, cut, and add audio to video editing projects.
·         Ability to operate a professional level AVCHD video camcorder and other field camera or electronic news gathering equipment.
·         Strong computer skills with proficiency in Adobe Creative Cloud and an aptitude for Flash, photo editing, desktop publishing, and video creation.
·         Knowledge of design techniques, tools and principles.

Candidates should possess excellent organizational and interpersonal skills, have strong attention to detail, and the ability to prioritize and complete multiple assignments.

Work Location

The Partnership Office is located in the NPS Washington Support Office at 1201 I Street NW, Washington DC 20005.  The two closest metro statins are Metro Center and McPherson.  Bus transportation is also conveniently located in close proximity to the office.

Work Schedules and Pay

This part time (16-20 hours per week maximum) internship will run from January 27th to May 13th, with a possibility to extend through the summer.  Interns will be paid $14.00 per hour.  The successful candidate will be responsible for securing his/her own housing and transportation arrangements in the Greater Washington D.C. area.

Application Procedures

To apply, please submit an electronic cover letter, resume, professional and/or educational references, and an example of your video production work to Kathryn Hopps, Student Enrichment Administrator, at

For additional information or general questions about this position, please phone or email Jackie Dostourian, NPS Washington Partnership Office, at 202-354-2182 or

 [KH1]Note that I added italics, removed the word media and added the words “have completed coursework” to conform to majors and course offerings at Maryland.