Thursday, December 5, 2013

Join A 1-Credit Diversity Dialogue for Spring 2014!

From a Mural by Gemal Woods, "Unity Through Diversity Overcomes Adversity"The Office of Diversity and Inclusion offers 7-week, 1-credit intergroup dialogues for undergraduates. These dialogues satisfy the new General Education Cultural Competency requirement. Dialogue topics include:
  • EDHI 338 A: People of Color/White People
  • EDHI 338 C: Men/Women
  • EDHI 338 G: Interfaith/Secular
  • EDHI 338 K: Socioeconomic Status
  • EDHI 338 N: Sexual Identity (Heterosexual/LGBT)
  • EDHI 338 R: U.S. Born/Internationally Born