Monday, April 10, 2017

Apply to be a Member of the BSOS Dean's Student Advisory Council (DSAC)!

Attention CCJS students! Are you interested in being a member of the Dean's Student Advisory Council for the 2017-2018 school year? If so, please click on this link to apply by April 10, 2017!  

The BSOS Dean’s Student Advisory Council (DSAC) is an undergraduate committee that provides a forum for the exchange of information and discussion of matters pertinent to the undergraduate experience.  DSAC is charged with:
  • Coordinating programs among students, faculty, and alumni to facilitate and build relationships and foster a sense of community
  • Evaluating University, College, and Department information and policies
  • Hearing and voicing undergraduate student concerns to the Deans, Department Chairs, and Undergraduate Directors
  • Educating students on academic policies and procedures
  • Where appropriate, rallying students to actions