Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Research Opportunity - Suicide Attacker Database Project

Are you interested in suicide attacks, the individuals who commit them, and the organizations that use them? Join the Suicide Attacker Database (SAD) Project team as a research assistant for Winter and/or Spring 2012. We have a rare database on suicide attacks in many of the major ethnic, political, and religious conflicts in the modern world, including:
  • Palestine & Israel 
  • Sri Lanka & the Tamil Tigers 
  • Iraq, Afghanistan, & Pakistan insurgencies 
  • Chechnya & Russia 

We're looking for responsible, self-motivated students to locate, enter, and code information about the attacks and the attackers. You will have the opportunity to read through individual and organizational accounts of these attacks and attackers, you will gain experience in using primary and secondary source materials to verify critical information, and you will learn much about the human causes and consequences of suicide terrorism in intergroup conflicts. Fluency in languages involved in these conflicts (Arabic, Hebrew, Tamil, etc.) is a plus, but not required or necessary. If you are interested, please contact Kristen Klein at: