Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Job Opportunity: Insight Treatment Centers

Insight Treatment Centers, a small mental health practice in Camp Springs , MD focused on mental health and substance abuse treatment, is seeking a contractual, part-time male urinalysis technician to work 6-10 days/month. Days are flexible, and one half-day on a Saturday morning is required per month.

Duties will include managing and implementing a urinalysis program for clients referred by the Federal Probation system for treatment services. UA Technician administers all UAs for male clients, sends positive results to the lab, manages all paperwork and administration of the program, and manages the Codaphone system, including leaving the nightly message.

Must be organized, professional, and able to hold appropriate boundaries with clients.

Monthly contract for 6 days/month is $1500. Days are typically 10-hours (9 a.m.-7 p.m.) on days urinalysis is administered, with a 1 hour lunch break.

Opportunity to work additional hours negotiable if candidate has skills, experience and interest in more involvement with administrative and programmatic function of a Federal Probation program and its clients. 10 day/month or 80 hour/month stipend is $2500.

$100 bonus monthly for being on time and no failure to place Codaphone messages or delete spam messages daily from the system.

Great learning opportunity for someone starting a career in the criminal justice system or interested in the intersection between mental health and criminal justice. Opportunities to do clinical work for candidates with appropriate license and training. Mentoring and opportunities for learning provided.

Inquiries and resumes to Lisa Kays, Program Director, at lkays@insighttreatmentcenters.net.

Metro accessible (Green Line).