Thursday, October 31, 2013

C4T Job Posting: Crime Scene/Forensic Analyst

The Crime Scene Analyst (CSA) will respond as directed to reports of crime and process crime scenes appropriately, including preparing detailed documentation of the scene and any related forensic reporting that is required. The CSA will collect evidence and insure that it is properly preserved, processed, and stored. All department chain of custody protocols will be observed and the CSA will, when appropriate, transport evidence to the appropriate lab for processing. The CSA will also work closely with department investigators and criminal analysts to ensure that they have a clear understanding not only of the specific crime but also any patterns or trends that may be emerging.

Job Location:  Camden, New Jersey
Position Type:  Entry Level (Full-Time)
Desired Major(s):  Behavioral and Social Sciences/Criminology and Criminal Justice
Desired Class Level(s):  Recent Grad (up to 3 years out), Alumnus/a (beyond 3 years out)    
Application Accepted Until: November 30, 2013

For additional information including how to apply, please visit Careers4Terps (