Thursday, October 3, 2013 Live Webcast TONIGHT!

The Webcast Show is airing Episode 35, “Unlocking the Door to Forensic Locksmithing.” LIVE this Thursday, Oct. 3rd 7PM to 8PM (EST). Forensic locksmithing is the examination of a lock or other security device using scientific methods to determine if and how the device was opened, neutralized, or bypassed.  This valuable field can make the different to determine the capability and opportunity a suspect may have had to commit a crime.    Join Host, Tom Mauriello, and guest, Steven Mauriello (the name is no coincidence), as they present a topic of discussion that openings the door for viewers to better recognize the ability of a locksmith to close your case.  JUST GO TO to view the show LIVE, or watch any of the previous shows at your convenience.  Thank you for watching!