Monday, February 3, 2014

Baltimore Police Department Is Currently Hiring

The Baltimore Police Department is in the process of hiring 300 entry level police officers and over 50 cadets in 2014.  Baltimore Police Department is the 8th largest police department in the country and the largest in the state of Maryland.  Officers in the department have the opportunity to experience a variety of specialized units and advance in rank to commissioner.

Applicants that successfully pass all stages of processing and have a favorable background check will be offered employment.  Newly hired police officer trainees receive full pay and benefits while in the academy.  Once an applicant complete their academy, they will be assigned to patrol.  College graduates are encouraged to apply and start their application process 6 months prior to graduation.

For more information go to or contact Detective Greg Ostrander by phone at (410) 396-2340 or by e-mail at

On February 15, 2014 and February 16, 2014, the Baltimore Police Department's Recruitment Unit is holding an expedited processing event that combines the first three steps of processing in 2 days.  Typically, this amount of processing can take up to three months.  For more information about this event, contact a recruiter or visit our website.

Detective Greg Ostrander (410) 396-2340
Ms. Rebecca Herrington (410) 396-2340