Monday, February 3, 2014

Job Opening: Department of Defense - Personnel Security Specialist

Job Title:  Personnel Security Specialist
Department:  Department of Defense
Agency:  Washington Headquarters Services
Hiring Organization:  Defense Logistics Agency, DoD
Job Announcement Number:  OSD-14-1039408-B

Salary Range: $42,631.00 to $55,421.00 / Per Year
Open Period:  Friday, January 31, 2014 to Tuesday, February 04, 2014
Series & Grade: GG-0080-07
Position Information: Full time - Permanent
Promotion Potential: 12
Duty Locations: 20 vacancies in the following location: Fort Meade, MD

Department of Defense (DoD)
Consolidated Adjudications Facility

Mission Statement
The Department of Defense (DoD) Consolidated Adjudications Facility (CAF) is the sole authority to determine the security clearance eligibility, CAC credentialing, and suitability of non-Intelligence Agency DoD personnel occupying sensitive positions and/or requiring access to classified material including Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI). These determinations involve all applicants actively affiliated with the Department of Defense, to include Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve, civilian; and contractor personnel under the National Industrial Security Program.  In addition to DoD employees, the White House and staff of the United States Senate and House of Representatives, are adjudicated when requested by Congress. The DoD CAF is responsible to ensure that, based on all available information, the individual’s loyalty, reliability and trustworthiness are such that entrusting an individual with classified information or assigning them to sensitive duties is clearly consistent with the interests of national security. This position will be assigned to the Army Division of the DoD CAF.

As a Personnel Security Specialist you will be responsible for the following duties:

  • Perform in-depth analysis and evaluation of Personnel Security Investigations, security files and other information containing serious derogatory or extremely sensitive information. 
  • Review security clearance documents and related material for information adversely reflecting on the individual's loyalty or character.
  • Compile necessary administrative and adjudicative actions and make recommendation of final security clearance eligibility determinations.   
  • Review security related information and determines whether or not an individual is eligible for access to DoD controlled facilities and information systems.
  • Recommend denial or revocation of clearance, denial of assignment to, or retention in, sensitive positions; removal, discharge, or
  • non-acceptance for employment, and induction or commissioning.
  • Ensure case files are complete, accurate.

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