Friday, February 21, 2014

Spring and Summer Internships: Six Flags America

Six FlagsSix Flags America is looking to hire interns from the University of Maryland’s Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice. Previous interns have had rewarding experiences, and many of Six Flags' staff members are University of Maryland CCJS alumni who began their career with Six Flags before moving on to state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Positions for both the spring and summer are both available:

Agent- excellent opportunity for students who wish to enter into the police force and are most interested in field work, such as surveillance. Students will learn surveillance and investigative techniques. Students will be taught how to conduct field interviews, obtain statements, and write reports. They will also learn how defensive tactics and theft apprehension techniques.

Investigator- for the students who wish to go into investigative careers, such as detectives or federal agents. Students will learn how to identify loss situations, conduct investigations and investigative interviews, and how to study body language. Students will learn the importance of statement taking, employee and guest interface, and report writing. Lastly, students will learn surveillance and counterfeit detection techniques.

Auditor- entry-level experience in analytical and financial auditing for the students most interested in white collar crime. Students will learn how to identify financial impropriety. Students will conduct employee interviews, spot audits, inventory audits, and field audits. The students will be responsible for tracking information learned through investigations and interviews and following up as necessary.

There are many opportunities available here at Six Flag. 

Please contact Jasmine Taylor, Loss Prevention Supervisor, Six Flags America, via email at:
P.O. Box 421

Largo, MD 20775